Solar Powered Air Heaters.

An independent thermostatically controlled solar powered air heater, no mains power required!

Within seconds of being fitted, the cold air outside is pulled in, heated, dehumidified and pushed inside the building as fresh, warm air; as opposed to the conventional method of heating up the stale air already in the room.



Powerful enough to heat a room of 185 m3, size 950mm x 1400mm



Medium to heat a room of 150 m3, size 660mm x 1050mm



The smallest in the range but still powerful enough to heat a room of 120 m3, size 900mm x 550mm

SPAH’s capture the solar energy of the sun by drawing in cool fresh air at the bottom of the photovoltaic panels. The air is then heated by the sun several times, then blown into the room, driven by an electric fan, all powered by free solar energy.

Running costs are zero, simply Buy it, Fit it, Feel the free heat.